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Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail system, because it is merely applied onto the nail, with no time consuming build-up process. It is self levelling which eliminates excessive buffing and Bio Sculpture Gel does not require the use of primers and bonders. The gel cures under a LED light in 30 seconds for clear and colour gel, no time is wasted as it dries instantly.
{ Advantages }
• Flexible but durable.
• Soakable gel - easy removal.
• Natural nail gel - can be applied directly to the natural nail.
• One step - applied without primers, bonders or basecoats.
• Colour gel - first colour gel worldwide, choose from over 70 different colours.
• No odours, dust or fumes - healthier and cleaner environment for staff and clients.
• Quick and easy - brush on like nail polish with no time consuming build up process.
• Self levelling - no excessive buffing before and after application.
• Compatible with other systems - can be applied over acrylic, fibreglass or other gel products.